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CopyWrite 2.0.8

CopyWrite 2.0.8

CopyWrite Publisher's Description

CopyWrite teaches handwritten scripts - especially for small children at school or at home but also for special needs, illiterate adults, rehabilitation, or remote students

It is ideal for use in either schools or Occupational Therapy practices.

CopyWrite can help teach literally any written script in the world! If you can write the script, CopyWrite can model your letters and record student responses for you. Examples are: English, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Turkish, and Indian scripts. A companion application "CopyWrite-Asia" is available to teach scripts that are best presented on a grid, for example Asian scripts. Contact us for details.

CopyWrite offers three major advantages over teaching handwriting with a blackboard and paper:
  • Models Letters without a teacher. CopyWrite models dynamic letter formation without the need for a teacher to be present. A teacher need only be present to initially write the exercises, once that is done CopyWrite will take over and do the rest. Letters (or words) can be simply entered by writing directly on the screen, or tapping on an on-screen keyboard if desired. At the press of a button, the exact writing process will be replayed - stroke by stroke - exactly as the teacher wrote them. Even the timing can be reproduced if required - fast or slow - including pauses. This saves the teacher standing at the board demonstrating letter formation ad nauseum.

  • Flat on the desk - not 'up on the board'. Where are students learning to write? On a horizontal sheet of paper. Where is the worst place to demonstrate letter formation? On a vertical board ! Many students have trouble translating vertical lettering on a board onto a flat sheet of paper. CopyWrite solves that problem neatly - it sits flat on the desk - just where the student is writing - and shows letters being formed the same way - flat on the desk in the most natural way possible.

  • Handwriting formation assessment. Ever wished you had time to watch every student in the act of writing? Now you can with CopyWrite:

    • Letters being written back to front??
    • Strokes in the wrong order??
    • Writing too jerky or hesitant??
    • Too many pencil lifts??
    • Scribbling??

    Now with CopyWrite's amazing 'instant replay' facility every facet of a student's writing is made dramatically obvious. One click of the replay button and every stroke is repeated just as if you were watching the student sitting at your desk writing just for you. Once you've used CopyWrite to assess a student's writing, you'll never want to go back to marking writing books again!!

  • Physical Size and Shape. A Palmtm handheld is ideally suited to the junior classroom environment.

  • Its small - around 25cm (10 inches) square when enclosed in its ergonomic support pad ( See )
    Its light - weighs less than 250g or 8oz (based on Palmtm IIIe model)
    Its self-contained - battery operated with no trailing cords or plugs
    Can be easily sent home with a student or mailed to remote students if required

  • Student Motivation. You'll never have trouble getting students interested in handwriting again once you introduce CopyWrite to your classroom. Kids absolutely love using it. Handwriting lessons will never be boring again. Be warned - your good writers may invent writing problems just to get a go. "Please Miss, I'm having trouble with my J's" said one good writer just to get a turn on CopyWrite

"I believe it is one of the most innovative products that I have come across" educator from Illinois USA

Purchasing procedure

Download the demonstration version from this page. Try it out. This unregistered version has all the functions of the registered version, but will quit every 5 minutes. If you like CopyWrite, click on 'buy' on this page and pay the purchase price ($US29.95). Revelation Computing Pty Limited will then email you a small .pdb file to download to your Palmtm handheld, based on the username you supplied when you paid. Once this .pdb file has been successfully installed on your Palmtm handheld, CopyWrite's "unregistered" message should go away. Remember we are in Australia so allow a day or two for the email to reach you. (We may be asleep).

CopyWrite Features:
  • The screen is divided into two areas: the 'Blackboard' at top is for teacher to enter letters, the 'whiteboard' at bottom is where students write.
  • Correct letter formations modelled continuously at the top of the screen
  • Up to 20 exercises can be stored per class. Button to clear ALL work from your handheld or can leave teacher's exercises intact
  • Special option to suit left or right handed children
  • Letters can be drawn by hand or typed from up to 9 keyboards if appropriate lettering styles available. If not, create your own - it only takes about 45 minutes to create a set or lettering keyboards. (Empty keyboards are included with the program)
  • Hide or show complete exercise. Reveal one letter at a time or progressive build. Advance automatically or manually to suit student
  • Four replay speeds available including 'Realistic' (uses timing when letter was drawn)
  • Four line spacings available. Dotted or solid lines in some instances. Other layouts include 'Fill in boxes', 'Single line' or completely blank
  • Literally anything can be drawn as 'letters' eg patterns or shapes or pictures (using CopyWrite to test spelling)
  • Whilst letters are modelled at the top of the screen, students simultaneously write letters at bottom of screen
  • Instant replay of student's work always available
  • Up to 35 students work can be stored by name. Students grouped into classes using PalmOS® Address Book categories. 2MB handheld has room for 2 or 3 classes.
  • Safety option for young children disables graffiti area plus all physical and silk screen buttons. No possibility of accidentally starting another application
  • For assessment, choose a student and exercise from two drop down lists. Replay button 'plays back' recorded student writing.

CopyWrite should work with PalmOS® 2.0 or later. (ie back to the PalmPilot Personal) CopyWrite will also run on colour models.

Comments from purchasers of CopyWrite:

"CopyWrite is a fantastic program" - US Grade 2 teacher. "This program had a very positive effect on my student's handwriting. In amy years of teaching second graders, I've never had a group excel with their cursive writing and creating a stronger interest in writing"
"We love your program!" - District administrator in Oregon.
"Wow - what a great product!" = Supervisor from South Dakota.
"I have had it in a Year One class and the teacher and children are very impressed." - deputy school principal
"We are quite excited at the initial results and I will keep you informed." - teacher of child with Downs Syndrome
"The best computer ever" - year one girl

Other Information
There is lots more information about CopyWrite (including physical accessories you can use to make it much easier for small children to use a handheld computer). Check us out at or

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